About the CEEO

The Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) is a leader in supporting efforts to integrate engineering into K-12 education. The three divisions of Outreach, Research, and Educational Tools all contribute toward the goals of:

  1. increasing student and teacher excitement for learning STEM;
  2. improving student and teacher skills so learning is more enjoyable in all subjects;
  3. increasing the general public’s technological literacy; and
  4. increasing the awareness of the importance of STEM for society.

Our motivation comes from our fundamental belief that the skills we help students develop are closely connected to the transformation of our physical world into a world with improved excitement for learning, higher quality of life, better health, and greater environmental responsibility. Over the past twenty years, we have put these beliefs into practice through workshops, professional developments, and outreach at both a local and international level.

Teacher Workshops

International Workshops

My son goes to a variety of camps every summer, each with a different focus. This was BY FAR his favorite program. He enjoyed every minute and came home super excited and over eager to share about his day, which is not typical. Keep up the great work!

–Parent of a second-grade workshop participant

This is my favorite place in the world. You guys have everything!
–A fourth-grade workshop participant