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The Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) is a leader in supporting efforts to integrate engineering into K-12 education. The three divisions of OutreachResearch, and Educational Tools all contribute toward the goals of:

  1. increasing student and teacher excitement for learning STEM;
  2. improving student and teacher skills so learning is more enjoyable in all subjects;
  3. increasing the general public’s technological literacy; and
  4. increasing the awareness of the importance of STEM for society.

Our motivation comes from our fundamental belief that the skills we help students develop are closely connected to the transformation of our physical world into a world with improved excitement for learning, higher quality of life, better health, and greater environmental responsibility. Over the past twenty years, we have put these beliefs into practice through workshops, professional developments, and outreach at both a local and international level.

Meet the Outreach Team

Elissa Milto

Director of Outreach

Before coming to the Center, Elissa was a classroom teacher, working with high school students with special needs. She began working with the CEEO in 1999 while teaching at a local school, bringing engineering into her English classroom. The following year she entered Tufts as a graduate student at the Center, taking classes in engineering and education, and received a M.Ed. Excited by the Center’s work and mission, Elissa continued working at the Center.

Laura Fradin

Education Specialist

Laura graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a B.S. in Biology in 2016. She then completed her Master’s Degree in Education from the Technology, Innovation, and Education program at The Harvard Graduate School of Education. Laura has been part of the CEEO for over four years, working to design and implement various science and engineering curricula as a STOMP Teacher, STOMP Intern, and Workshop Leader. During her time at Harvard, she began working at BlocksCAD, where she helped teach coding and CAD to students of all ages, trained teachers to use the software and implement 3D printing in their classrooms, designed lesson plans, and grew the online community.

Lynne Ramsey

Staff Assistant

Lynne Ramsey received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Dickinson College. She went on to earn a Master’s Degree from University of Nevada, Reno, in Experimental Psychology. There, she worked on Project Washoe, a research study conducted by Drs. Allen and Beatrix Gardner during which they cross-fostered chimpanzees and taught them American Sign Language. Lynne began working at the CEEO in the summer of 2010. Lynne’s role at the CEEO is to provide support to CEEO staff and students. She assists the Program Administrator with purchasing, reimbursements, accounting, and other general office work.

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