Throughout the years, we have received many requests to run design and engineering workshops for international teachers and students. Workshops for students and workshops for educators will both explore hands-on engineering design challenges. However, workshops for educators are tailored to provide more information about pedagogy, engineering education, and various projects underway at the CEEO.

Our workshop offerings are tailored to the group’s interests and expose participants to hands-on engineering projects using LEGO Robotics, makerspace tools, and craft materials. The CEEO is also able to partner with other Tufts community members to provide opportunities for groups to tour engineering labs and makerspaces on the Tufts University campus, and hear from university faculty and staff about their work. These workshops may be half-day, full day, or multi-day sessions. 

For more information about our international workshop offerings, see here: International Workshops

If you are interested in working with Tufts CEEO, please fill out this form.