Kids can! Here at the CEEO, we believe that children are budding engineers. Our motivation stems from our fundamental belief that the skills we help students develop are closely connected to the transformation of our physical world into a world with improved excitement for learning, higher quality of life, better health, and greater environmental responsibility awareness.

The CEEO offers Design and Engineering Workshops for students K-12. We also offer week-long school break and summer workshops as well as some one-time weekend and afterschool workshops, with a variety of different themes. Our workshop programs are designed to give students the opportunity to learn about the engineering design process through a series of fun, hands-on building activities.

Engineering Trebuchets

EV3 Robotics

21 Elephants and Still Standing

Art and Engineering

Aero-dynamic Paper Planes

Zoological Engineering

3D design with BlocksCAD

Magnetic Levitation

WeDo Robotics

Electrical Engineering