2020 ONLINE LEGO Engineering

Institute for Educators

11:00 AM EDT – 2:00 PM EDT

This year, the LEGO Engineering Institute for Educators will be online! In this week-long workshop we’ll explore the new LEGO Education SPIKE Prime robotics platform. SPIKE Prime is a powerful and engaging tool for teaching STEM, programming, and engineering design. The workshop will give teachers the programming and construction background they need to make effective use of LEGO robotics in their classrooms, whether physical or virtual. Through hands-on, open-ended design projects, participants will learn the basics of Scratch-based LEGO programming as well as building concepts, including the use of motors, sensors, and gears. Throughout, we will focus on effective classroom implementation: how to share these concepts with students in an approachable and creative way. In addition to the work with SPIKE Prime, the workshop will include a Center for Engineering Education and Outreach speakers series: talks about innovations in robotics and engineering education by professors, grad students, and staff. A typical day will include the workshop from 11:00-12:30, a speaker series most days from 12:30-1:00, and an optional building period 1:00-2:00

The Institute is open to any K-12 teacher, informal education provider, volunteer, or member of industry interested in learning about LEGO Engineering. This session is designed for educators with little or no experience with SPIKE Prime.

**** Participants will need a reliable internet connection and a SPIKE Prime set.